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As I see on this windows 93 site, two hackers-artists have developed a new operating system called Windows 93, which spoofed the Microsoft operating system of the 90's in a rather funny way and might well have been one of the versions of Windows if the developers had had a bit of humor. Today we present you.

Right now many Microsoft users are looking forward to the arrival of Windows 10, which will be the rebirth of the world's most used operating system after the failure of Windows 8. But until that time, the nostalgic Windows users of the 90 Can be entertained with Windows 93 , a creation of the hackers-artists Jankenpop and Zombectro.

This is a project started in October last year and you can now download complete from Reddit . This operating system parodia to the Windows of the 90, being very similar to the version Windows 95 , but with some differences quite amusing. For example, Internet Explorer is replaced by 'Cat Explorer', redirecting you to search engines like DuckDuckGo and Ixquick when we try to go to Google or Bing.


Windows 93 is an operating system that will be curious for several reasons. The first is that it reminds us of the systems we used when we were kids and the second is that it's quite fun. It has to be said that it has different versions of old programs like Paint, in Windows 93 called Piskel, and of games like Wolfenstein, called Castlet GAFA 3D. 


Also, if we start to play, we find rare programs, such as the one called " Totally not a virus. Trust me ... im a dolphin ". And yes, you have to trust a dolphin to be able to click on it.

It must be said that Windows 93 is not prepared, of course, to be a daily operating operating system, but to have a good time is great. If you want to try it through the web you only have to click here .

What do you think of this new operating system created by two hackers?

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